YouTube, informational and inspirational

Over the past few months I’ve been subscribing to more and more youtube channels. Most of them interesting to watch. A lot keep me up to date with the latest gaming news. A few are technology video blogs or vlogs as they have become known. And then there are the various silly humorous channels which lighten your day.
Overall I’ll have to say I’m happy with my subscriptions and actively seek out to find them in amongst my “What to Watch” feed. These include the videos featuring the likes of Ray William Johnson, Felicia Day, Max Scoville and Tara Long, Cali Lewis, Justine “iJustine” Ezarik, Grace Randolph.

I’ve often thought about starting up my own youtube videos, but like anything I wouldn’t have the available time to put the effort in to get a regular and hopefully popular video out there. So I will just stick with the blogging when I can, the gaming, the websites, the coding, the family life, all still exciting and interesting each and every day.

Dead Mouse

The first piece of technology has seen its demise at the hand of my children. Samuel and Maisie are now very much mobile and getting around the house with great ease. Samuel walks/toddles nearly everywhere, and Maisie crawls at great speed and agility. As a result they now leave the play room, down the hallway to the study in record time. I often keep an ear out to hear what they are doing. Most often they go and bash the keyboards to hear the beeps of anguish.
But today the end has come to my Logitech MX Revolution mouse. It has suffered permanent damage. I found it lying on the study floor face down! It had been pushed off its resident perch of the desk slidey keyboard tray to its doom!
I picked it up and placed it back in the usual location and started to check some websites. It soon became apparent that the internal workings were not functioning at optimal potential when the mouse scroll wheel didn’t scroll as it should. Somehow the children have broken the workings inside that hold the scroll wheel in place. No longer can I scroll up and down webpages with the simple flick of a finger. Either the PageUp and PageDown keys will be needed, or manually scroll with the scroll bars! How my life has become much more demanding since the demise of the simple scroll wheel!

But there is hope. I can now look in to getting a new mouse for my gaming PC. Initial thoughts were along the lines of the Razer Mamba, but it is quite pricey, or the Razer DeathAdder which is about half the price. But I’m going to do a little more investigation before I decide on which one to get to replace my dead scroll wheel Logitech MX Revolution.

If anyone has any recommendations then please reply and let me know.

I wonder how many more electrical gadgets will die at the hands of my uneducated children. I better get teaching them the principles of technology and how delicate yet powerful it can be.