T2G Update : Section 2 Examination Result


I’m really happy that I got good marks because there were sections that I thought I needed to brush up on more.
A result of 87% is great. That’s 52 out of 60 questions correct with all questions answered.

I’m still waiting for the feedback from my Portfolio Projects 01 and 02 that I submitted.

Now on to Section 3 and all about 3D!

T2G Update : Examination #2 taken

Today I took my second examination of the Train2Game Games Developer course. I think I did alright but need to wait up to 4 working days before I get a result. I feel a weight has been lifted and only a few more months to get Section 3 done and a further Portfolio project complete along with a final examination. My plan is to get it complete by the end of 2012!

The questions that confused me most on the examination were on Binary, lots of 0’s and 1’s! Shifting places was a bit tricky and having to re-read the questions to get an idea on what type of answer was required. I went back to most of these after I completed all 60 questions within the 75 minutes. Other areas of knowledge I need to brush up on are audio channels, certain strncmp commands and such like, and resolutions and ratios but I think I was just having a dumb moment because reading the supplied answers to choose from made it clearer how to work out the calculation for how many pixels are displayed in a 4:3 ratio.