Allods Online : Are you sure?

I’ve been playing Allods Online for a bit on and off. More off than on since I’m only level 8. I was catching up on a few quests today when I came completed one in the forest and spoke to a man by a wood cabin. The quest was to go and collect branches from nearby trees, so that’s what I did. After a few minutes I came back and handed him the branches. The next quest came available and it was to go in to the cabin and hit people with the branches. I was given a key to the cabin and off I went. What I experienced next was a bit of a surprise. I was in my underwear in a steam room cabin!

Are you sure?
I then had to click on the various people in the room and hit them with my branches!
Hitting people in their underwear with branches!
This all seemed a bit odd to me. Perhaps this is where the game gets it’s name from … Allods :: All odd
With content like this I am certainly enticed to play more, not for the scantily clad people, but more for finding surprises and bizarre scenarios within quests.

Anyone else want to come join my avatar in the wood cabin?