Photoshop 7 scratch disk

Had a down moment this morning when I came to edit an image in Photoshop only to be presented with a screen at startup saying my scratch disk was full and then another error saying a hardware or system error has occurred and Photoshop must shutdown. I attempted to restart Photoshop but still got the same error. Panic mode! What do I do, I can’t possibly go on without software to feed my creativity rather than doing boring documents…

I would normally upgrade, or reinstall the problem application, but since it’s my work laptop I figured I’d try and resolve the issue without having to raise it with the helpdesk (overseas) which probably wouldn’t understand what a Photoshop is.

First port of call – Google
The first site I came across was very helpful :
I read through all the possible solutions and away I started.
Holding CTRL+ALT+SHIFT when starting Photoshop certain brought up the option to reset my settings, but it did not resolve the problem.
Renaming the Prefs file within the User Documents folder didn’t fix it either.
I set a defrag going since the drive was all scattered everywhere.
I also increased the Virtual Memory from it’s custom setting of 2048 – 4092 to be 4092 – 4092.
I tried again and …. it worked! YAY. Image manipulation here I come.
And so today I have created myself a new wallpaper for my work laptop (Darksiders), and created a gravatar to be used with my blogs.
Not sure I could get through my working career without Photoshop (the only proper image editing software approved to be installed on work machines), even though I don’t actually need it to perform my role, unless you class editing charts and graphs with it a necessity.