Rift : Two Months

I have been playing Rift, the official release, for 2 months now and still enjoy it. I’ve posted in the Shadowpuma Forums and previous blog on how much I liked the game, and it still holds true.

I’ve not managed to be online at the right time or long enough to actually get together with other guild members and do raids or big dungeon quests, but seeing guild members log on and off and give the occasional ‘hi’ means a lot.

I’ve managed to get Shadowpuma up to level 40 so far, and there is still a lot of adventuring to do and areas to discover. Along the way I’ve been collecting screenshots. Here are a few of the screenshots I think show off the game graphics and different zone environments.


The First Dungeon, not all doom and gloom

On horseback heading to an opening Rift

Illusions assist with quests

Shadows of the evening sundown with a Rift in the distance

Rift beasts

She's tall!

Level 40!

Rift : Sceptered Isle are back!

Since EverQuest, Sceptered Isle has been a guild name that has stuck with many, either from being part of it, or knowing of it. The Sceptered Isle guild has always stood for friendship and a goal of doing the best you can. And it has always achieved this in it’s usual casual manner. The guild exists still in many of the previous online role playing games. EQ and Vanguard are just two of the well known ones.

Since the Beta of Rift it has always been spoken of that Sceptered Isle will once again be created and carry on tradition of what it stood for. And during the Head Start phase of Rift, the latest in MMO’s has seen the guild form up with many of the players from long ago returning.

I was extremely happy to be one of the founding members of the guild in Rift. The game did it in such a nice way. One person paid and retrieved the required form that needed to be signed. A group then got together and approved of the Guild creation.

Sceptered Isle is created!

The screenshot above is the moment when Sceptered Isle was finalised as a Guild and everyone received the Guild name above their characters heads. A truly momentous occasion!

The guild continues to grow and returning names continue to pop up in the roster. The only thing that remains is whether the game can live up to initial experiences and expectations so that everyone can continue to love what it is they have signed and paid up for. Certainly having friendly chat all the time when logged in is a step forward to help with this enjoyment, and knowing that when you ask the guild for help the abilities of the people around you are known to be capable.

Rift : Beta – Update (#2)

Rift Beta continues and this time it’s to stress test the servers. I’ve played a little more and discovered a few things.

First of all, I like this game. It reminds me a lot of my past online gaming adventures and it’s made me happy while playing it. I’ll obviously not be able to give it the full time and effort I once did, but it will certainly be fun to pick up and play when I have a few hours spare in an evening of a week.

Next up is the races, Guardians and Defiants. I started out playing as a Guardian and everything was light and fluffy but with good story and solid characters. Everything was about protection and destroying evil and machines. Based on this one side I was impressed. But I have also created a character for the Defiants and seen a completely different perspective of the game. The same questing and adventuring applies, but the level of detail that has gone in to make the two sides different is amazing. The graphics fit the race you choose. The environments are lush with more mechanisms and mechanical items as a Defiant which make it a nice change to switch sides now and again.

Part of the stress testing of the servers meant that Rifts were opening up all over the place. Groups were getting together and attempting to complete the tasks at hand. Today I found it to be a great fun time to be online. The rifts opened up and by joining the public groups meant a spot was already made available and off everyone went. It didn’t matter whether you knew the people you were with or not, everyone worked as a team to get the Rifts closed. And that’s just what happened, it was fun and still progression since I gained a whole level just by running round and closing Rifts.
There were a few glitches though. There seemed to be times where the game would pause ever so often during these Rift events. At first I thought it was my PC and network causing the issues, but upon checking others were also experiencing the same effects. This is obviously what the stress testing was all about and the people behind the game can go away and fix it.

And today was the only day I’ve seen a character on screen of someone I’ve known from games past and met in real life too – Rasuphas! The chat channels are nice, but seeing a character and their face/equipment is nice too. Here is a screenshot of him carrying his bow!

The experiences I’ve had with Rift during the Beta events and after my initial quick review of the game, my thoughts on actually getting the game have changed. After a few requirements to complete tasks by March, I am able to pre-order the game on the special discounted rate per month (6 months at £5.99 pm). So come launch day I will be there with the rest levelling up.