Change in milk formula

The past few days has seen a complete change in Samuel’s behaviour in relation to sleeping and how he is generally. He has gone from a baby that moans and cries out in his sleep, constant wake ups, moaning and biting during the day, and has become a baby that has been able to sleep through two nights in a row (that’s a great achievement for him!), happy and smiley at everything, plays nicely with his sister Maisie, and goes down quicker for naps and bed. He has even gone from biting his sister to hugging and kissing her!

What has caused this change? We aren’t sure exactly but there have been a few changes all at the same time.
Samuel has stopped teething from what we can tell so all Nurofen and Calpol before bed has stopped, he now sleeps on a comfy blanket on top of his cot bed sheet, when having lunch and dinner we try to give him his water beaker after he’s finished eating so his food doesn’t sit on liquid as much, we have tried to give him dairy/milky products earlier in the day (breakfast and lunch) so that there is a longer period for his body to process them before he goes to bed, and his milk formula before bed has been changed from Cow&Gate toddler milk to SMA Lactose Free.

All these combination of changes seem to have resulted in a child that now sleeps peacefully at night. Now that I’ve blogged all this I’ve probably jinxed it all 🙂