T2G Update : Portfolio Project 1 – Ready to Submit

I have managed to finish off the Technical Document for Portfolio Project 01. It has taken a while but I feel I’ve put the right amount of effort in to get a result that is good enough for submission. I can’t submit it though until I’ve complete Portfolio Project 02, so on I go in starting it…

Still loving the course. I’ve been going through the Train2Game forum and seen a lot of useful information. I have yet to post anything on there myself, but may get round to it eventually (much like I eventually get round to posting my own blogs 🙂 ).

There is also information on the Train2Game website about the second Game Jam event they are holding. Now that the children are a bit older it should be possible for me to go and attend, but part of me is a little reluctant at this time until I get a bit more experience and understanding of everything. There are little gaps that I want to fill just to reassure myself before venturing off to join in with everyone else. I guess that’s how I’ve always been, wanting to be well prepared before doing anything. A lot of thinking before actually doing. (TFD – Thinking Feeling Doing)