Work In Progress

So today I thought it would be a good idea to document all the work I’ve been doing to get my automation test framework up and running with version control and a Continuous Integration build server. I came to the blog site and remembered that the upgrade to PHP version 5.6 had caused a few more issues than it fixed. So I’ve managed to get the blog site back up and running, but the theme is a little … black and white!

So at the moment I have a lot of things going on in the tech world concurrently. The main ones being

  • Creation of a game (primarily for the children on Android)
  • Creation of an Automation Test Framework Core
  • Creation of Automation Test Framework project specific tests
  • Updating the build system to cope with the building and testing using the Automation Test Framework and the Unity game projects
  • Fixing the WordPress Blog site (
  • Fixing the main website (
  • Fixing the PHPBB Forum site (

So first thing was first and I tackled the WordPress blog for the Shadowpuma combined site. Regardless of what page I attempted to get to there was a PHP error around security. Using an FTP client (FileZilla) I connected up and changed a few permissions on the files being highlighted in the error messages. This wasn’t enough.
So I decided to do a manual upgrade to the latest version (after taking backups of both the webpages and database back end).
It was surprisingly easy to do following the instructions on the WordPress site!
The Shadowpuma theme had become very outdated so I changed it to the latest twenty-sixteen theme and so here we are.

Amongst all these updates I’m still keeping an eye open on the job market for any Software Engineer roles in the Gaming Industry. There is also the usual daily chores to get through, and most of all I have to keep active so this weight drops off again. I haven’t been able to do the usual non-eating thing yet because of all the events of the year that requires the need to receive sweets and cakes. Fathers Day being the latest of them! But the Jelly Beans, Jelly Babies, Humbugs and Skittles did all taste yummy. They are all gone.

Fathers Day 2013

There are times when being a father has its perks. Fathers Day lets me never forget that what I have is special. Two children that are growing to love the same things as I love. My wife has also played a huge part in making Fathers Day great. Gifts are great, but they are not what it’s all about (but they are great to receive). I got hand made cards, sweets, and a new monitor to replace my broken one.

The day so far has been relaxed. Breakfast in the morning followed by watching Disney Princess Cinderella 3 with the children. I guess if we have time then Batman is next!

Later we are off out to spend the day with family.

The cutest smile

The family are doing well. Samuel and Maisie continue to grow and become so different from each other. Samuel is still in to his books and loves to investigate things, but he has now begun to show signs of tantrums and throwing things. These usually occur when he doesn’t get what he wants. It’s usually the keys to the front door, he spots me using them and then wants them and most times it’s not convenient for him to have them!
Maisie on the other hand doesn’t really have tantrums unless she is really tired, and these are just at the end of the day when Mummy is upstairs cooking dinner and Daddy is downstairs wanting some help in tidying up the toys. But Maisie has become this little girl that has the cutest faces she pulls when she wants something. I’ve been told that she will have me round her little finger in no time at all! I am sure that will be right.

They have both started to nod in a yes motion when you ask them and question and the response is a positive one. Sam has also learnt to say “No!” and uses it quite well. There are sometimes where he just repeats it over and over to all questions, even if the answer would be in his favour.

There was also another success recently where we went to stay for a week in North Hayne Farm Cottages, down in Devon. It is the greatest of places where children get to feed the animals morning and evening, there are facilities for both children and adults, and the people there are extremely friendly. The accommodation cottages are really lovely and do feel like a home away from home. And this holiday was the first we have seen from start to end and not had to come home early because of illnesses, or sleep issues, or anything else bad. We all had a fantastic time. I really loved watching Samuel and Maisie walk around in their wellies, collect the buckets of food and head off to feed the animals. They fed the rabbits, chickens, pig, alpacas, goats, and even got to go on a donkey ride after feeding. This is certainly a place we will be looking to go back to in the future.

Family Life

I’ve not blogged much about my family life so far. It’s mainly been about my course and games. So here is an update on me as a father, husband, and how things are generally working out.

When the babies Samuel and Maisie were first born it was the best feeling in the world. Going from a couple enjoying time together, to a family was a big change. The energy levels dropped and still continue to remain low as the children require constant care. No matter how much sleep, rest, or timeout time I get the feeling of being able to do anything you wanted during a day seems to have gone never to return. But this is just a small price to pay when you look and see what great children we actually have. And I’m sure this goes for many other parents out there also.

Samuel and Maisie are great. Everyone can catch up on their latest photos and videos at the Rayment Family Website. They have grown at an unexpected rate over the past year. Now on the brink of walking fully, Samuel is still the go getter of the two when at home playing. But recently has become a bit of a wuss after some jabs and an illness. No doubt he will be back up and to his usual smiley self soon. There is just one thing I want for Samuel and that is for him to learn how to sleep all the way through the night. At this point I don’t mind him having a night time bottle and a 5:30am bottle. It’s the constant randomness of his waking that I’d like him to sort out. The evenings are the only time that Clare and I get alone, and these are getting shorter and shorter as we go to bed earlier and earlier. By the time we’ve had dinner, washed up, sat down to relax there is about 1 hour left. And even that time gets interrupted by a Samuel wake up call!
If Samuel became more like Maisie with regards to sleep then I’m sure he too would wake up smiling and full of energy rather than screaming and wanting to flop to sleep again. Maisie smiles make any morning a fantastic start. She is happy, bouncy and certainly knows what she wants as she points at things and says “This!”. Sometimes it’s not clear what “this” is, but after a few goes we soon get her what she wants. And sometimes not if the “this” is dangerous or simply not for children!

Talking seems to be Maisie’s specialty. Not interested in walking so much , she rambles on about things and we hope soon to be able to decipher and understand.

Being a stay-at-home Dad I get to spend a lot of time with the children. This is certainly time I enjoy and have been very lucky to get the opportunity to do. During the day we try to stick to routines. Breakfast followed by playing and a bit of kids tv. Then naps gives me a chance to catch up on housework, laundry, and maybe a bit of computer time. Then a bit more playing before lunch. Then the afternoon is open to going out. If it’s a nice day we go play on the swings and then walk round the pond. Some days we may go out to the shops and buy a few things needed for the cupboards/kitchen. And we may also do a bit of visiting. Then at the end of the day, Clare gets home, dinner for the children, a quick play before bath and bed.

I have been a bit rubbish with the socialising bit. I really need to start arranging meet up days so Samuel and Maisie at least get a chance to play with some of their friends and not just each other and their Dad. This is going to happen over the next few weeks for sure!

When we do go out and about I feel so proud of my children as people passing look at them and then look at me and smile. Again I’m so proud of the children when we’re out and they are so well behaved. No screams at the restaurants, no tantrums while shopping. I do sympathise with them a bit when they get bored either in supermarkets or queuing in the bank or post office. But overall they are children with good behaviour and good manners.

I have been writing this while Samuel naps next to me on the bed upstairs. Looking over at him it’s hard not to love the scraggy haired long finger nailed little monster pj wearing boy breathing slowly dreaming of wonderful things. I love Maisie just as much, but she is off napping happily in another room.