GameHack 2012

This weekend I am at the GameHack 2012 event. This is my first time experiencing something like this, a day to come up with a game solution that meets one or some of the criteria set out at the beginning. The judges get to decide which team gets the prizes!

The day started off with me travelling to Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, a 40 minute journey for me by car along the motorways. I parked the car and walked to the studio where the Game Hack was taking place. I registered my name and went and found a seat. Since I was on my own and required a team I did a bit of mingling. There were of course way too many programmers/developers to go around, but I was lucky to get in a team that knew what they were doing and required my skills.

The first thing of the day was to go to a different studio within Pinewood and listen to guest speakers from each of the sponsoring companies of the event including the likes of facebook, Sony Entertainment, Papaya, Marmalade, Mozilla, BlueVia, and more. There was also a quick motion picture on Pinewood itself and the history of it and why it is so popular with some of the biggest Hollywood directors. It was all very interesting to listen to.

Afterwards everyone went back and got straight to work on their games!

During the event there has been food and drink, lunch, dinner, snacks, all served at no cost whatsoever. There has even been Beer!

Ever so often during the day I would take a break and speak with my family. The children got on the phone to tell me about their day swimming, what they ate, and said goodnight at their bedtime.

It’s now early hours of the morning and I have learnt loads about facebook and how to implement a game within it’s pages using API’s. The other members of the team have been creating the game itself, a simple idea of the player hoping from island to island vertically attempting to escape the rising water, collecting fruit as they go. The longer the player hangs around for fruit, the more risk they are at becoming drowned!

Well, I’m going to have a quick lay down before I begin coding again getting ready for the pitch to the judges.