Work In Progress

So today I thought it would be a good idea to document all the work I’ve been doing to get my automation test framework up and running with version control and a Continuous Integration build server. I came to the blog site and remembered that the upgrade to PHP version 5.6 had caused a few more issues than it fixed. So I’ve managed to get the blog site back up and running, but the theme is a little … black and white!

So at the moment I have a lot of things going on in the tech world concurrently. The main ones being

  • Creation of a game (primarily for the children on Android)
  • Creation of an Automation Test Framework Core
  • Creation of Automation Test Framework project specific tests
  • Updating the build system to cope with the building and testing using the Automation Test Framework and the Unity game projects
  • Fixing the WordPress Blog site (
  • Fixing the main website (
  • Fixing the PHPBB Forum site (

So first thing was first and I tackled the WordPress blog for the Shadowpuma combined site. Regardless of what page I attempted to get to there was a PHP error around security. Using an FTP client (FileZilla) I connected up and changed a few permissions on the files being highlighted in the error messages. This wasn’t enough.
So I decided to do a manual upgrade to the latest version (after taking backups of both the webpages and database back end).
It was surprisingly easy to do following the instructions on the WordPress site!
The Shadowpuma theme had become very outdated so I changed it to the latest twenty-sixteen theme and so here we are.

Amongst all these updates I’m still keeping an eye open on the job market for any Software Engineer roles in the Gaming Industry. There is also the usual daily chores to get through, and most of all I have to keep active so this weight drops off again. I haven’t been able to do the usual non-eating thing yet because of all the events of the year that requires the need to receive sweets and cakes. Fathers Day being the latest of them! But the Jelly Beans, Jelly Babies, Humbugs and Skittles did all taste yummy. They are all gone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Cashback

How hard could it be to claim a cashback offer online? Very hard apparently!
Back in November we purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″ as our first Tablet. A joint gift for myself and the wife so we didn’t have to use laptops all around the house. The tablet could be placed where laptops could not. And since we’ve been accumulating Samsung products (not on purpose, but because they seem to be good quality for the prices we pay) the tablet went well to fit in and communicate well and sync up with these products nicely.
A bit of research went in to buying the product and we eventually agreed a price and a place to purchase. We had vouchers as well for money off, and the cashback offer seemed very attractive.

The purchase was made.

Now to claim the cashback you need to make the claim 15 days after the purchase. So we put the necessary paperwork and boxes to one side ready to use them when the time came. Naturally when you have busy lives it got forgotten about and now, a month later, we are still within the time span of making the claim.
So I went to the Samsung website. 10 steps to fill in! 10! I started with step 1, got to about step 3 or 4 and got stuck. It was asking for serial number and product details. This information was on a clear plastic protective covering on the back of the tablet when it arrived. This had since been removed and binned! Good job the serial number was also on the box! But the product details! All I had to go on was GT-P5110. The rest of the numbers meant nothing to me. So after a look around on websites, I finally found the right code to select off Amazon that detailed it was a white 16Gb WiFi only version.
Ok, so now on to the next steps. Equally difficult. They wanted a scan of teh receipt, simply having the receipt number (already entered in an ealier step) wasn’t enough. Since I was being hurried along for lunch it had to wait.

Lunch came and went and I eventually got round to scanning the receipt in and making it available for upload. This time the file size was too big! 2Mb maximum. Typically mine was 4Mb. So reopen the image, resize and save. It was eventually uploaded! Yay.
Next was the bank details so the cashback payment could be paid straight in to the account. Simple enough, 3 fields to fill in, step 8 here we come! *tap* *tap* *tap* and then … waiting for connection… waiting … waiting …
The connection never got made. So I closed the browser, tried again. Same thing!
It’s as if Samsung don’t want to give their money away!!!
At the bottom of teh bank payment details screen was a paragraph that stated if you didn’t want to enter your bank details online then you can call a business number and speak to someone. I don’t really want to spend any further money so I have decided to wait a while and try again!

The bad thing about all this is, I’m spending so much time entering the details for the cashback, yet there is going to be a huge period after the details are submitted for Samsung to process the claim and actually get the money back to me. Is this all worth it? If it goes smoothly next time and I get my cashback completed then yes, but if there is further problems then I will be rethinking buying and cashback offers in the future!