Allods Online : First Instance

I’ve just been to the first instanced area of the Allods game, Oreshek Fortress. It is a place where the enemies are tougher, and the mini bosses and main boss are really hard! I’ve tried the instance both on my own and with groups.
A quick overview is that the zone can be entered with a single group of 6 (max) and it completes and continues various quests that are obtained outside at the camp nearby. There are various classes of enemies, warriors, spellcasters, priests, wizards, each hitting pretty hard.
First off I took a quick trip to the left after you zone in and there was a dead Gibberling to progress a quest in amongst various roamers, including the large escaped troll that was needing to be killed for another quest.
I tried the troll but the hits were far too hard so inevitably there was a paladin shaped mess on the floor.
Further adventuring lead to a group of casters up on a ledge that needed killing to free the elf that was up there. I lost track of how many there were, but I managed to kill them all. Just as the last one died, the portal that they were trying to open completed and out popped an insanely weird mini boss. He throws out barrels with explosives attached to them. It appears to be random, and if you are hit by one you are launched in to the air. This was also a bit random, sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards, sometimes off the edge! Again, another death and a defeat.

There are a few good things about these instances that I’ve noticed. When you die, you respawn at the entrance of the instance assuming there are no battles going on. This means there are no long runs back to the zone. And even if you do respawn while a battle is ongoing, you reappear at the camp site just outside the fortress zone. A short run, but nothing major. The only downside is that until the fighting ends (either the enemy killed or everyone dies) you can’t get back in to the instance.
Another good thing is that the enemies in the instance, once dead, stay dead. There is no respawn of them. This is handy if the group are doing everything from start to finish, but if new people join the group halfway through the instance has to be reset before the quests become available again.

So knowing it’s hard to accomplish progression on my own, I joined a group.
The first group was your typical pickup group. No one knew how to play their class with other people. Everyone dived in head first and wondered why they kept dieing. The troll was easy enough to dispatch, but the guy with the bombs was a nightmare. There were a lot of rage quits as the group shrunk to just the leader and myself. It wasn’t long before we also disbanded to go our separate ways.
The second group was much better. Everyone knew how their classes worked in a team. We managed to kill trolls, every enemy in sight, and we even got the bomb guy down on the third or fourth attempt. The problem was then with the boss of the zone, Gudimir Belskiy. A caster that has a lot of HP and has a nasty chain thing going on. He casts chains on you which stops you from doing everything. One of your party members needs to activate the chains to release them. After a few attempts we found it impossible to do, so rather than try and kill him the plan was to distract him long enough for people to get the quest items they needed. We managed to accomplish this, but I didn’t have the quests started so I couldn’t complete it along with everyone else. Oh well, there is always another day.

That’s another good thing I like about Allods, it is very much a pick up / put down type of game. You don’t have to spend hours logged in to get things accomplished.

Here is a quick guide to the Oreshek Fortress Instance :

Allods Online : Are you sure?

I’ve been playing Allods Online for a bit on and off. More off than on since I’m only level 8. I was catching up on a few quests today when I came completed one in the forest and spoke to a man by a wood cabin. The quest was to go and collect branches from nearby trees, so that’s what I did. After a few minutes I came back and handed him the branches. The next quest came available and it was to go in to the cabin and hit people with the branches. I was given a key to the cabin and off I went. What I experienced next was a bit of a surprise. I was in my underwear in a steam room cabin!

Are you sure?
I then had to click on the various people in the room and hit them with my branches!
Hitting people in their underwear with branches!
This all seemed a bit odd to me. Perhaps this is where the game gets it’s name from … Allods :: All odd
With content like this I am certainly enticed to play more, not for the scantily clad people, but more for finding surprises and bizarre scenarios within quests.

Anyone else want to come join my avatar in the wood cabin?