Rift : Shadowpuma Level 50!

Shadowpuma, my first character within Rift, has reached maximum level … 50!

But that’s not the end of Rift. There are still loads more things to do … Quests to complete, zones to adventure in, PvP to partake in, secrets to unveil, events and raids to go on, … the list goes on.
I have still yet to go on a guild raid anywhere, and I’ve teamed up once with a guild member to venture in to a dungeon and explore and get rewards which was fun in itself. So still lots to do here.
And there is the crafting side of things. I’ve probably not chosen the greatest of professions that go well together, but I plan to get them up as high as I can. Runecrafting being my main one with foraging secondary.

I’d say there is still plenty of life left in the game yet.

And I was looking at a Rift video today posted on the Rift Facebook page which made me also realise I have yet to make any Rift videos of my own. That is something else I’d like to do.

Rift : Two Months

I have been playing Rift, the official release, for 2 months now and still enjoy it. I’ve posted in the Shadowpuma Forums and previous blog on how much I liked the game, and it still holds true.

I’ve not managed to be online at the right time or long enough to actually get together with other guild members and do raids or big dungeon quests, but seeing guild members log on and off and give the occasional ‘hi’ means a lot.

I’ve managed to get Shadowpuma up to level 40 so far, and there is still a lot of adventuring to do and areas to discover. Along the way I’ve been collecting screenshots. Here are a few of the screenshots I think show off the game graphics and different zone environments.


The First Dungeon, not all doom and gloom

On horseback heading to an opening Rift

Illusions assist with quests

Shadows of the evening sundown with a Rift in the distance

Rift beasts

She's tall!

Level 40!

Escape Adventure

Seeing my little ones grow up first hand being a Dad at home all day is great. The latest adventures involved Samuel. He is now walking and enjoying doing so. So much that he wants to walk anywhere and everywhere. The last few days have been nice weathered sunny ones, so we have ventured out in to the garden where Samuel and Maisie get to play and adventure. The state of the garden is great, the flowers are beginning to grow and blossom, and everything has been cleaned and glistens in the sunlight. The fence on the other hand has suffered damage from the past bad weather, and the gate doesn’t stay shut because the post wobbles and undoes the gate bolts. Samuel waited and took the opportune moment to head out of the house, in to the garden, then through the opened gate and down the alley. I managed to capture his adventures on video since we had been filming other things that morning.

Other videos of Samuel and Maisie can be found at the Rayment Family website.