T2G Update : Portfolio Project 1

The Portfolio Projects are split in to various sections. I have been working on Portfolio Project 1 for three months now (on and off). The basis behind it is that I am to create a technical document that will be used to create a 2D game. The project documentation that describes what is required was pretty good giving examples where necessary, but it also left a lot open to be interpreted and lets you put your own spin on things.
So far I have a 17 page document that is still not finished. Sometimes I think I may have thought up a too complex game idea for what is actually being asked of me. But then everything I do and create during this course is going towards my portfolio at the end, so why shouldn’t I take the extra time and effort to create something that is worthwhile!
There are certain areas which I need to cover within this technical document and often I am concentrating on getting one section done that I lose focus on the overall goal and have to keep revisiting the original outline document to figure out what else I need to do.
I’d say overall I’m happy with how things are progressing, and ideally need to get this document completed by August so I can start on Portfolio Project 2 which involves actually coding up solutions to the headings given.