Train2Game Learning Begins

I’ve signed up for the Train2Game course. I am on the road to becoming a Games Developer. I decided it was time for a change. My current role with “The Bank” has become too much managerial but without the progression route. I want to go back to my roots and code, create, develop, …
The Train2Game Games Developer course appears to be ideal to what I want to do next. With experience in BASIC from the early age and through school, then progressing to Visual Basic, and then in to the web design and coding industry, that is where I’ve been for what appears to be too long without the development and payment requirements.
Train2Game - Logo
I’ll be blogging about my experience of the course here for anyone that may want to read about it. But then in the vastness of the internet who searches for “Shadowpuma” and ends up here???
For now, enjoy links to the Train2Game website.
New posts will be coming soon.