Rift : Not much activity recently

Rift has taken a bit of a back seat recently. The last screenshot I have was back in November 2011. It’s now February 2012 and there just hasn’t been that much to keep me coming back. The instant adventure quests are quite a good idea. There are more chronicles coming up soon with the latest 1.7 patch, but I just don’t have the get up and go to do all the dungeons and other content that is available.
I logged in briefly during the other day and there were not many people around. It could be just the server is low population, or no one really plays anymore. The main reason for me logging back in is because I’ve come to love my Shadowpuma character once again. I love the fact he can do things on his own while still being that little bit vulnerable.

I hope that things change and I’ll be logging back in soon on a regular basis and levelling up my skills and advancements.

Rift : Update 1.5 – Ashes of History Video

I have created my first Rift video. It’s been a while since I’ve done one so had to play about with installing the right software again. I’ve enjoyed making it though, coming up with the story ideas (not hard really since the story is taken care of by Rift) and then putting the video clips together, merging, overlapping, adding soundtracks, making it deliberatley widescreen with black bars, all things that I’ve done before but this one just seems to be one of my better pieces. But that’s just my personal opinion 🙂

I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube since that is where my Shadowpuma name is linked to. I didn’t really want to get it mixed up in all my family videos on Vimeo. So if interested you can see the finished video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUCr3JFxMa0

PS3 : Batman Arkham Asylum

I wouldn’t say I’ve completed the PlayStation3 game Batman Arkham Asylum, but I have managed to get through the whole story from beginning to end. I have to say that this game is quite impressive. I really felt like I was Batman, beating up the Prisoners and feeling every punch, kick and batarang clink!

With Batman Arkham City coming out in the near future I thought it best to put this game back in the machine and get to the end. And that’s just what I did. The overall story was a believable Batman tale of chemicals, beasts, gadgets, and puzzles to solve. I did like the build up of learning moves and techniques against the bad guys so that the final battles with Joker and his goons was a bit of a challenge and not just a straightforward Batman vs Joker punch em up.

As it stands at the moment my end figures are:
Challenges: 0%
Riddles: 108/240
Upgrades: 16/20
Character Bios: 19/42
Completed: 68%

There is certainly a lot of room for improvement!

Also, while playing, I even changed my SUMO position three times this evening, each one more comfy than the last!

Rift : Shadowsong the Rogue/Bard

I’m still playing Rift when I can. At the moment Shadowpuma is continuing his adventures as level 50, but alongside is Shadowsong. I created a Rogue character that specialises in being a Bard, playing songs for the benefit of others along with dealing damage to the enemies!

So far I’ve enjoyed playing this type of character. There is still a lot of long range attacks but then there is the option of getting close and doing more! This is also the first character I’ve taken in to a dungeon in a group aimed at the right level. It was the Realm of the Fae dungeon, and we did really well. A few deaths but we learned from our mistakes and continued on to the end.

Shadowsong has even joined the Sceptered Isle guild, not to really bring much worth to it, but because of the social aspect once again. I have no doubt that I will get this character up to level 50 also, and then I can start to really play with the souls and roles and make one that is right for me.

T2G Update : Portfolio Project 1 – Ready to Submit

I have managed to finish off the Technical Document for Portfolio Project 01. It has taken a while but I feel I’ve put the right amount of effort in to get a result that is good enough for submission. I can’t submit it though until I’ve complete Portfolio Project 02, so on I go in starting it…

Still loving the course. I’ve been going through the Train2Game forum and seen a lot of useful information. I have yet to post anything on there myself, but may get round to it eventually (much like I eventually get round to posting my own blogs 🙂 ).

There is also information on the Train2Game website about the second Game Jam event they are holding. Now that the children are a bit older it should be possible for me to go and attend, but part of me is a little reluctant at this time until I get a bit more experience and understanding of everything. There are little gaps that I want to fill just to reassure myself before venturing off to join in with everyone else. I guess that’s how I’ve always been, wanting to be well prepared before doing anything. A lot of thinking before actually doing. (TFD – Thinking Feeling Doing)

Rift : Shadowpuma Level 50!

Shadowpuma, my first character within Rift, has reached maximum level … 50!

But that’s not the end of Rift. There are still loads more things to do … Quests to complete, zones to adventure in, PvP to partake in, secrets to unveil, events and raids to go on, … the list goes on.
I have still yet to go on a guild raid anywhere, and I’ve teamed up once with a guild member to venture in to a dungeon and explore and get rewards which was fun in itself. So still lots to do here.
And there is the crafting side of things. I’ve probably not chosen the greatest of professions that go well together, but I plan to get them up as high as I can. Runecrafting being my main one with foraging secondary.

I’d say there is still plenty of life left in the game yet.

And I was looking at a Rift video today posted on the Rift Facebook page which made me also realise I have yet to make any Rift videos of my own. That is something else I’d like to do.

T2G Update : Portfolio Project 1

The Portfolio Projects are split in to various sections. I have been working on Portfolio Project 1 for three months now (on and off). The basis behind it is that I am to create a technical document that will be used to create a 2D game. The project documentation that describes what is required was pretty good giving examples where necessary, but it also left a lot open to be interpreted and lets you put your own spin on things.
So far I have a 17 page document that is still not finished. Sometimes I think I may have thought up a too complex game idea for what is actually being asked of me. But then everything I do and create during this course is going towards my portfolio at the end, so why shouldn’t I take the extra time and effort to create something that is worthwhile!
There are certain areas which I need to cover within this technical document and often I am concentrating on getting one section done that I lose focus on the overall goal and have to keep revisiting the original outline document to figure out what else I need to do.
I’d say overall I’m happy with how things are progressing, and ideally need to get this document completed by August so I can start on Portfolio Project 2 which involves actually coding up solutions to the headings given.

Rift : Two Months

I have been playing Rift, the official release, for 2 months now and still enjoy it. I’ve posted in the Shadowpuma Forums and previous blog on how much I liked the game, and it still holds true.

I’ve not managed to be online at the right time or long enough to actually get together with other guild members and do raids or big dungeon quests, but seeing guild members log on and off and give the occasional ‘hi’ means a lot.

I’ve managed to get Shadowpuma up to level 40 so far, and there is still a lot of adventuring to do and areas to discover. Along the way I’ve been collecting screenshots. Here are a few of the screenshots I think show off the game graphics and different zone environments.


The First Dungeon, not all doom and gloom

On horseback heading to an opening Rift

Illusions assist with quests

Shadows of the evening sundown with a Rift in the distance

Rift beasts

She's tall!

Level 40!

Dead Mouse

The first piece of technology has seen its demise at the hand of my children. Samuel and Maisie are now very much mobile and getting around the house with great ease. Samuel walks/toddles nearly everywhere, and Maisie crawls at great speed and agility. As a result they now leave the play room, down the hallway to the study in record time. I often keep an ear out to hear what they are doing. Most often they go and bash the keyboards to hear the beeps of anguish.
But today the end has come to my Logitech MX Revolution mouse. It has suffered permanent damage. I found it lying on the study floor face down! It had been pushed off its resident perch of the desk slidey keyboard tray to its doom!
I picked it up and placed it back in the usual location and started to check some websites. It soon became apparent that the internal workings were not functioning at optimal potential when the mouse scroll wheel didn’t scroll as it should. Somehow the children have broken the workings inside that hold the scroll wheel in place. No longer can I scroll up and down webpages with the simple flick of a finger. Either the PageUp and PageDown keys will be needed, or manually scroll with the scroll bars! How my life has become much more demanding since the demise of the simple scroll wheel!

But there is hope. I can now look in to getting a new mouse for my gaming PC. Initial thoughts were along the lines of the Razer Mamba, but it is quite pricey, or the Razer DeathAdder which is about half the price. But I’m going to do a little more investigation before I decide on which one to get to replace my dead scroll wheel Logitech MX Revolution.

If anyone has any recommendations then please reply and let me know.

I wonder how many more electrical gadgets will die at the hands of my uneducated children. I better get teaching them the principles of technology and how delicate yet powerful it can be.

Rift : Sceptered Isle are back!

Since EverQuest, Sceptered Isle has been a guild name that has stuck with many, either from being part of it, or knowing of it. The Sceptered Isle guild has always stood for friendship and a goal of doing the best you can. And it has always achieved this in it’s usual casual manner. The guild exists still in many of the previous online role playing games. EQ and Vanguard are just two of the well known ones.

Since the Beta of Rift it has always been spoken of that Sceptered Isle will once again be created and carry on tradition of what it stood for. And during the Head Start phase of Rift, the latest in MMO’s has seen the guild form up with many of the players from long ago returning.

I was extremely happy to be one of the founding members of the guild in Rift. The game did it in such a nice way. One person paid and retrieved the required form that needed to be signed. A group then got together and approved of the Guild creation.

Sceptered Isle is created!

The screenshot above is the moment when Sceptered Isle was finalised as a Guild and everyone received the Guild name above their characters heads. A truly momentous occasion!

The guild continues to grow and returning names continue to pop up in the roster. The only thing that remains is whether the game can live up to initial experiences and expectations so that everyone can continue to love what it is they have signed and paid up for. Certainly having friendly chat all the time when logged in is a step forward to help with this enjoyment, and knowing that when you ask the guild for help the abilities of the people around you are known to be capable.