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The title of this post really says it all. After my latest experience it is a wonder that Scan Computers, based in Bolton, is still having happy customers.

So let me explain further by starting many years ago. Scan Computers was always a cheap option for me to purchase computer electronic goods from. Their prices were competitive and products always arrived within a reasonable amount of time. I have purchased computer components including motherboards, processors, graphics cards, even a wii console when it was first released.
I stopped using them because other online retailers were becoming more competitive and when Scan were still charging for delivery others were not. So it made sense to go elsewhere and save money.
I also noticed that the delivery courier company that Scan uses was the Green and Yellow branded City Link, and their drivers reputation was going down in that their handling of packages was a bit brutal! Various forum members and website posts expressed these opinions far too much with lots agreeing.

So here we are today with my latest experience from them. For Christmas I added an item I would have liked to my list in the hope Father Christmas or other kind family member would purchase it and give it to me. My wish was granted. On Christmas day I opened my present … a new Wireless Extender, a plug in the wall item that will enable use of the internet at high speed at the top of the offices. Of course Christmas comes and goes, New Year happens and I’m away for a lot of it. I eventually get round to being back in my office early January, checking out the product information on the box and realising it will not help as much as I thought it would, I decided I would like to return the product. This is where Scan Computers,, (have I mentioned it enough yet?) falls down flat on it’s face for Customer Services.
I begin by checking the website on how to return my unwanted item. I have all invoices and receipts (which was included with the gift) and submit a return query specifying my number and email address to contact. Expecting a call or email I wait…. only to find that Scan go back to the person who made the original purchase! What’s the point of having those fields on the form if you are going to ignore them???
So next I get a phone call from the original purchaser to advise that Scan emailed him the reply and the return has been rejected because it is over 7 days! It was over 7 days even before I got to open the gift on Christmas Day, so what hope did I have!?
I called Scan Customer Services and was told I would be able to return the item. “Great” I thought, but was then put on hold again. I then get told I can’t return the product because a decision has already been made via email. HUH!? But I was just told I could and an RMA was going to be created! So Scan switched on their decision and also stood firm that I was not able to return this item that is still brand new and not in a position to be used. I now have a nice bookend/paperweight!
I did happen to ask the Scan Customer Service agent what I am expected to do with this unwanted item. He did say it was his personal opinion (and obviously not of Scan’s!) and if it was him he would put it up on Ebay, maybe losing a couple of quid from the original price!

So there we have it, Scan is not going to have me purchase anything from them ever again based on past and present reputations and experiences. Good luck to those that still purchase from them. Just make sure you get your product choice correct first time. Goodbye Scan, forever.

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