T2G Update : Final Examination

train2game-exam3-resultsI got my results back today and I have passed my final examination! Yay!!
Finally I can update my portfolio and CV to say I have finished the Train2Game Games Developer course and been awarded the TIGA qualification.

The examination itself was the same as the previous ones. It was 60 questions in 60 minutes and mainly on the third and final section of the course on 3D. It also included questions on other parts of the course, and it was all split into different sections.

There was the addition to this examination that since I took it at home it was a requirement to have a free moving webcam so I could Skype with Train2Game and show them the room. The only purpose for this is to show them there was no training material or bits of paper around that could be used for cheating. I thought my styudy was all clear, but when going through the items on my desk it turned out the blank pad I wanted to use to make notes on during the exam was actually the back of printed paper from my portfolio projects. After realising this I put the pad out of range and got some blank A4 sheets to use. It was a good job too since I made a few notes on teh questions I struggled with. After the exam I went back and checked the answers and found a few were wrong while some where also correct.

So now I just have to wait for the certificate to come through and proceed with working on the gaming tasks set by the GallantCloud Games venture with Microsoft, but that is in another post!

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