MySQL 4.0 upgraded to 5.0

The 1&1 hosting company have served me well over the many years of my web development. I’ve had the MySQL version 4 database for many years and it has now come to an end of support and 1&1 have made everyone upgrade to version 5. I thought it would be easy until it came to do it. The PHPBB forums were a little tricky due to the amount of rows required to be exported/imported. Luckily the WordPress blogs were already in a version 5 database so no updates there. But all my personal sites needed a database connection update.
A few hours later all the sites have been updated to use the new database. Hopefully there are no follow up issues!

2 thoughts on “MySQL 4.0 upgraded to 5.0”

  1. Where are Sceptered Isle atm? Is it a still a rift guild, or are there any plans for
    Elderscrolls Online or even EQ Next, hopefully this fall?

    1. Not sure Zimzalabim. I’ve not logged into these games for so long it’s hard to say who still plays what and what forums they use for their games. I can’t say for anyone else, but my circumstances mean I can’t currently play any subscription based games, nor any that require a specific level of commitment.
      If there is still a Sceptered Isle guild out there still I would love to hear from the members, either on this blog, the shadowpuma forum, or a message through facebook/IM/Skype.

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