Tombs, Crysis and Creed

I’ve played my fair share of games over the past few weeks since all the latest ones have come out recently.

  • Tomb Raider (the new revamped version from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix)
  • Crysis 3
  • Assassins Creed 3
  • Baldur’s Gate – Enhanced
  • TERA
  • DMC – Devil May Cry

Out of all of them I have completed just one from start to finish (admittedly you can’t finish some of the online games!) :: Tomb Raider!
The new Lara Croft is excellent. I love the contrast and amount of exploring and action. The skill level up’s have been done in a way it’s easy to understand yet complicated enough to make you think about what you level up. Love the bow and arrow feel. It was the first weapon to get and first to be upgraded to maximum.
The overall story is quite short and pretty linier, but I found myself playing just to find out which of my travel companions I would find in trouble next!

I’ve only briefly played the other games, but Crysis 3 and Assassins Creed 3 are both worth a look. Graphically they are amazing. Gameplay seems to follow on from previous versions of the games.
DMC – Devil May Cry I found myself not really wanting to progress much in it, rather just swing my big sword and blast things with the guns. A bit of a mindless game that appears easy. The intro was pretty cool though.
I have played TERA before, and picked it up again since it went Free2Play. Same old stuff. It has a nice anime feel to it, but Guild Wars 2 is still my preferred MMORPG around at the moment.
The Baldur’s Gate revamp is pretty much that. I loved the original and have played it many times. This didn’t seem to offer anything other than improved graphics.

And whilst attempting to play all these I still have my studies to do which is becoming really tricky at the moment. The final Portfolio Project before the final exam! And then there are all the other games I have on PS3 that I’ve yet to complete! I do love games, but it’s just the time to play them that seems to elude me.

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