T2G Update : Section 2 Examination Result


I’m really happy that I got good marks because there were sections that I thought I needed to brush up on more.
A result of 87% is great. That’s 52 out of 60 questions correct with all questions answered.

I’m still waiting for the feedback from my Portfolio Projects 01 and 02 that I submitted.

Now on to Section 3 and all about 3D!

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2 thoughts on “T2G Update : Section 2 Examination Result”

  1. Hi ShadowPuma, I’m a T2G dev student too. In the same situation you were in really. Iv been working on my portfolio projects in section 2 and I’m struggling to find any extra information outside of the course content and one useful site on path finding. I haven’t had any luck with any of the other subjects so do you have any useful links you could send my way? would really appreciate it. Nice work on this site too by the way.


    1. Happy to help where I can. For pathfinding I ended up coding my own solution based on the information from this site: http://www.untoldentertainment.com/blog/2010/08/20/introduction-to-a-a-star-pathfinding-in-actionscript-3-as3-2/
      I know it’s not C or DirectDraw related but it explains the a* algorithm really well that i understood it clearly. Using the course code as a basis, making a tiled level it was easy to get a player character from A to B using the A* algorithm.

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