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I got a Beta key through on email the other day and decided to install it. I have read about it previously and it certainly looked like a game I would like to play so here’s a mini review of the Beta version I played for an hour.

The looks and feel of the game remind me very much of Aion. The artwork during loads and intro sequences looks very similar, mainly concept arts! But they are attractive and add to setting the feel of the game, background history and such like.
The graphics in game are also a lot similar to other games and don’t appear anything new, just a bit more polished to some of the other Free2Play games.
The character designs are great. A lot of customisation at character creation. Classes are pretty standard but do focus on the melee class type and mages/priest seem to be a secondary thought.
The game play is probably the main interest in this game since it is something very unique to this type of game. It has the usual keyboard input but you can also control your character via xbox or ps3 controller connected to your PC. This gives you a bit of a better feeling of action control during play. You can move your character around with the analogue stick, rotate the view with the other analogue stick, and the buttons give you access to learnt skills/abilities. And then by pressing the shoulder buttons on the controller (LT / L2) you get to interact with items and NPCs.

I think I’ll continue to play during Beta, but since it is on a subscription base I will not be continuing after the official release. There just doesn’t seem to be enough new and exciting things to keep me interested.

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