T2G Update : Portfolio Projects ready for submission

Today I have printed out all my Train2Game Portfolio Project documents and burnt the files on to CD. Now to get it all bound up in to a folder and posted off for marking. I feel like I have reached a great milestone on the course.

Looking back I can see that it has taken quite a varied time to get to the stage where I am. A breakdown shows it took 2 months to complete Section 1 of the course including taking the exam. For Section 2 it has taken just over 2 months to complete the parts A, B and C of Section 2, and it has then taken 12 months to complete Portfolio Projects 1 and 2. I think it took so long because I took a while getting an understanding on what was required, then I put too much detail in to the technical document to an over sized idea of a game. Once I had that document in a state of completion I went on to the 5 tasks of Portfolio Project 2 and I really got in to these and sped up towards the end.

With self studying you really have to be disciplined and be able to find the time to really get stuck in to the tasks. I feel I have managed to balance the studying, family, and personal life pretty well since September 2010 when I started the course.

Now to get these projects marked and then the Section 2 exam out the way before getting section 3 completed and off I go looking for work along with my updated and completed Portfolio of games I’m creating.

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