The cute and the annoying

Children can certainly be cute, like just now, Maisie was walking in and out of the room and as she came back in she would pull a lovely grin and crinkle up her nose and then walk out again. The same with Samuel, he will laugh and laugh and laugh at the silly things his Daddy does until his laughs become fits of histerior, making everyone around him laugh even harder.

And then there is the annoying side. Samuel will continue to wake up during the night and scream! And when you get to him and pick him up, sit him in front of an episode of Peppa Pig then there is nothing but silence. The moment you try to put him back down to sleep in his cot the screams come back and even louder! Maisie can also be annoying in that when she’s woken up from Samuel’s screams she takes a few hours to go back to sleep. And during these few hours she is acting sleepy so we persist in the rocking and shushing, but it’s all in vein.

At the moment there seems to be much of the cuteness from them both, and at night it is nothing but annoying! Not very helpful since it’s at night time that us parents are supposed to recover our energies to make it through the next day.

Today, Clare was so tired she set off for work and managed to clip the front tyre on the kerb and cause it to puncture. Luckily it was just down the road so turning the car around and getting it home wasn’t a problem. All these troubles caused by two 15 month children (no longer are they babies since they are all toddling around now and understanding a lot more than we credit them for!). All these troubles could be solved by just having them sleep properly.

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