Escape Adventure

Seeing my little ones grow up first hand being a Dad at home all day is great. The latest adventures involved Samuel. He is now walking and enjoying doing so. So much that he wants to walk anywhere and everywhere. The last few days have been nice weathered sunny ones, so we have ventured out in to the garden where Samuel and Maisie get to play and adventure. The state of the garden is great, the flowers are beginning to grow and blossom, and everything has been cleaned and glistens in the sunlight. The fence on the other hand has suffered damage from the past bad weather, and the gate doesn’t stay shut because the post wobbles and undoes the gate bolts. Samuel waited and took the opportune moment to head out of the house, in to the garden, then through the opened gate and down the alley. I managed to capture his adventures on video since we had been filming other things that morning.

Other videos of Samuel and Maisie can be found at the Rayment Family website.

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