T2G Update : Section 2 Part C Lesson 21

The final lesson of Section 2 (Simple AI) has been completed! I scored a 95%. The question I got wrong was about what drives AI in game, a) fast, b) memory efficient, or c) complex. I went for b) since everything has to be memory efficient and therefore makes with perform better??? But that was wrong, the correct answer was a) fast. I guess AI has to be fast so that NPC’s don’t stutter around all the place and they can catch up to the player movements and actions quickly.

Two exciting things happen now…

1) Portfolio Project
2) End of Section Examination!

You have now reached the stage in your course where you need to submit your Portfolio Project work. Before progressing any further please ensure you complete the following Portfolio Project work:

Portfolio Project 1
Portfolio Project 2

Once these Portfolio Projects have been successfully completed you will be able to progress with the course.

So I better get on with the portfolio project and pass so I can get the examination out of the way and then on to the final Section of the course!

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