PS3 : Batman Arkham Asylum

I wouldn’t say I’ve completed the PlayStation3 game Batman Arkham Asylum, but I have managed to get through the whole story from beginning to end. I have to say that this game is quite impressive. I really felt like I was Batman, beating up the Prisoners and feeling every punch, kick and batarang clink!

With Batman Arkham City coming out in the near future I thought it best to put this game back in the machine and get to the end. And that’s just what I did. The overall story was a believable Batman tale of chemicals, beasts, gadgets, and puzzles to solve. I did like the build up of learning moves and techniques against the bad guys so that the final battles with Joker and his goons was a bit of a challenge and not just a straightforward Batman vs Joker punch em up.

As it stands at the moment my end figures are:
Challenges: 0%
Riddles: 108/240
Upgrades: 16/20
Character Bios: 19/42
Completed: 68%

There is certainly a lot of room for improvement!

Also, while playing, I even changed my SUMO position three times this evening, each one more comfy than the last!


SUMO is the best ever bean bag I have ever owned. It’s known as the SUMO Omni. It is large, comfy, and very very very versatile! I use it mainly to have a movable seat while gaming. It works well as a comfy seat for long periods of time and can be manoeuvred in to all sorts of positions.

If you head over to the SUMO website ( you can find out more information on the SUMO Omni along with all other types of bean bags they do.

The Omni comes in various colours ranging from normal blue, red, and gray colours, through to luminous green, orange and pink!

Mine is the charcoal green. It’s dark enough to not realise it’s green, and not too dark that it doesn’t look as though there is no colour to it at all.

I’ve been using it now since August 21st when I got it for my birthday. So excited when I saw the big blue shipping packaging that I took it from the study where it had been staged, back in to the living room where I quickly opened it up and proceeded to try out all sorts of positions. Just like on the website there are tons of shapes and sitting positions you can do with this thing. Mainly I have it in the position where I can sit comfy with my back and head supported. It also feels comfy for my arms where they are supported in just the right places.

I’ve read various reviews on the Internet and I have to say I agree with the main majority of them. The SUMO as a beanbag is certainly the best out there, if not already the best. I’m not very good at describing materials, but the material used for the SUMO is certainly of good quality. It is flexible and strong enough to handle all shapes and sizes of people sitting on it. The seams are good and strong and give the feel that what is inside stays on the inside! I had a little experience with the insides of it (by accident!). I was looking at the edges and found the part which is around 20 – 30cm in size, held together with velcro. Being the inquisitive type I pulled open the velcro and soon found myself face to face with the little white beads! A few escaped while I quickly held the SUMO more upright. The zip on the inside had either not been done up correctly, or I had used too much force with the velcro that the zip also opened! Anyway, with assistance I was able to get the few beads that had popped out back in to the hole, zip it back up, and then make sure the velcro was back in place for me to never attempt to open it again. I can’t see any reason why you would need to open it up (unless you are inquisitive like myself). The beads have lasted 3 months so far with no signs of being squashed or losing their comfort. I’d say this bean bag is built to last.

My wife had a nice idea of posting all the different positions on the website, so that’s what I may do. A picture a week perhaps (or when I can remember and have time to upload photos more likely). Until then, you can see just how good the SUMO model looks on her nice red SUMO Omni.